The most common question in your mind may be, How much does an arborist cost? Right?

Let’s clear your doubt with the most accurate answer on this page.

Let’s break down the charges based on various tasks arborists do daily. So based on the task the tree doctor is performing, determine how much they will charge for your service.

If we talk about the average charges for arborists, it may be between $375 to $1500, depending on the complexity of the task.

Hiring an arborist per hour may be between $70 and $200 per hour.

TaskAverage Price
Trees Trimming$400
Tree Removal$850
Stump Removal$180
Arborist report$430
Tree inspectionFREE - $100
Root removal$150
Tree injections$120

The charges depend on various factors, including tree size, location, etc. Suppose there is a small tree trimming job like a single palm trimming only; it will cost you only $75 or less than that to get that job done.

Suppose you want to remove an aged tree like 80 years old oak tree; it will cost you around $4500-$5200.

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