Whenever you want to trim a tree nearby your house, you may probably need a good ladder if you are planning to do it yourself at the house. But choosing a good ladder is quite a difficult task out of the so many available ladders in the market.

This article will discuss the types of ladders you may need to trim trees near your house.

Tree Trimming Ladder Types

By trimming trees around your home, you can protect your home from storm damage as it could knock down branches. Here are a few types of ladders that are being used in the tree trimming process.

Step Ladder

As the name suggests, here is the step ladder image that works fine for basic tree trimming. If there are small trees around you, it’s quite a handy tool however it may not help when you want to reach to the tallest branches.


Also, make sure to lock the spreader before using the step ladder to avoid any accidents. However, we always recommend hiring a professional tree service company to do such a task.

Tripod Ladder

A Tripod ladder is just like a tripod that is perfect for cutting and trimming hedges of a tree. It may far more expensive than the normal ladder type but it needs to be strong & stable enough that holds you and don’t fall when you reach the top branches.

tree trimming tridod ladders

Usually, these kinds of ladders are wider at the bottom using two legs and a single leg that is placed behind the tree hedge. The only drawback we have found using this ladder is difficulty in storing if you have small space in your house. 

Extension Ladder

We have personally used this kind of ladder in many tree trimming processes in overland park & nearby locations.

tree trimming Extension Ladder

It’s the perfect choice when your need is to reach the higher tree branch. The biggest advantage of this ladder is you can easily store it in smaller spaces also. You don’t need an extra large space to store it.

Combination Ladder

As the name suggest if fulfill the needs of both the extension ladder as well as a step ladder. Usually tree trimming companies use this kind of ladder as sometimes they need to reach to the top of the branch, while sometimes they need to work on smaller trees.

So it’s usable for both smaller trees and taller trees. 

We hope this article on ladder types has helped you. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to get in touch with us in the comments below.

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